jamie sadlowski smashing the golf ball.

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Peter Finch gets Jamie Sadlowski to show how to smash the golf ball.

They are at the Golf Show in Orlando, Florida. Peter is on a quest to find how to hit a 350 yard drive, so Jamie Sadlowski is the perfect person to ask about that.

Jamie Sadlowski is the World Long Drive Champion, a true ball smasher. Driving into the wind, he has hit 418 yards!

Finch asks Sadlowski to explain what he does to get his drives to go 350 years or more.

Sadlowski says it is all in the preparation. Check out the video to see him in action.

jamie sadlowski, long drive champion, smashing the golf ball.
Jamie Sadlowski smashing the golf ball.

Sourced from: http://youtu.be/6B7dSG9qIH4