Break 100 Practice Game.

Alan Gray is a golf writer and editor, who covers golf news around the world.

This is Matt Fischer, with a great video on how to break 100.

Mark Gomez says he is “Loving that video.” He does the 3 exercises on a weekly basis.


Filipe Rigueira says he usually uses Matt’s technique with the putter but he never tried it with other clubs. So he says he’ll try with the chipping to start and then with the remaining clubs.

Chili B had a good idea, he says. “Play from the senior tees to break 100 or even 90. If you can’t drive the ball 150 yards stay away from the back tees, period. The score card will help you. Senior tees 5200yards- par66 back tee box 6000yards-par70. That is 800 yards for only 4 strokes. When you break 90, if ever, then you can move to the next tee box back. The game is more fun when you don’t have to count so high.”

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