barry rhodes commentary on the spoken rules of golf.

Alan Gray is a golf writer and editor, who covers golf news around the world.

Some golfers are gabbers! They talk so much during a round that they annoy their fellow competitors. But sometimes, the rules of golf do require speech.

Probably most of us know at least one person like that. Barry Rhodes over on his website said “I well remember a popular, but verbose member at my own Club who had a reputation of constantly chattering throughout his round.” [ Barry Rhodes ]

Here’s what Rhodes says happened next. “One particularly chilly winter’s day, as he reached the warm sanctuary of the locker room, he announced that it was so cold outside that he could hardly speak.”

“A fellow competitor walking close behind him remarked, ‘Thank goodness for that, I thought I must be going deaf!’”

Other golfers are so focused on their round that they go out of their way to remain silent. These golfers purposely avoid small talk with their fellow competitors or opponents.

Of course, they could be introverts, but there are times everyone needs to speak.

Yes, definitely, a few Rules of Golf do require the spoken word. Rhodes gives some examples of when a player must announce their intention to fellow competitors. … Read More

Some players do like the sounds of silence while they’re playing, but it appears there are times when that can be detrimental to their game.