Here’s one more useful golfing rules story.

Now the R&A and USGA announced the final changes to the new Rules of Golf for 2019 he’s taken the time to digest them and offers these initial thoughts.

This golfer welcomes most of the changes, especially those that should help to address what he believes to be the biggest problem facing the majority of amateur golfers – the time take to play a competition round of 18 holes.

Without getting into specific detail about individual Rules changes, that is.

He says there are two main reasons not to get into specific detail.

  •  First, the Ruling Bodies did an excellent job highlighting those changes with videos and explanations on their web sites
  •  Second, The new Rules are still nine months away from implementation

Anyone in the northern hemisphere, that means a whole season of golf, with existing rules.

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Very good, what did you think about that?