Rule is Breached in Stroke Play

Alan Gray is a golf writer and editor, who covers golf news around the world.

Barry Rhodes has an interesting story about the rules that apply when a rule is breached in a Stroke Play competition.

He says there are four main situations that apply when a Rule of Golf is breached;

1. A player breaches a Rule and includes the appropriate penalty on the score card that they sign and return.
2. A player unknowingly breaches a Rule and signs and returns their score card. The breach is brought to the Committee’s attention before the competition has closed.
3. As in 2, but the breach is brought to the Committee’s attention after the competition has closed.
4. A player knowingly breaches a Rule, but does not include the penalty incurred on their score card

Rhodes lists four considerations in each of these four scenarios?
He talks about what happens if the Committee learns about the breach either before the competition ends of afterwards.

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