Monday Model: Francesco Occhipinti

This week our Monday Model is soon to be eight-year-old Francesco Occhipinti from Trapani, Sicily, Italy, who loves acting and modelling.

Francesco’s first modelling experience was via Francesca Routindi’s Casting Children agency and from there, his love of modelling grew. Francesco’s first acting job was the leading actor in the film Makari with the famous Italian actor Claudio Gioe.

Francesco’s favourite subjects at school are mathematics and science and he loves to play Soccer.

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Monday Model Francesco Occhipinti

Monday Model Francesco Occhipinti

Monday Model Francesco Occhipinti

Which agencies are you represented by? Sugar Kids and in Italy Casting Bambini by Francesca Rotundi.

What lead you to start modelling & acting? My first experience as a leading actor in the film Makari with the famous Italian actor Claudio Gioe and this made me realize that for me acting and appearing in films is a fun, informative and easy thing for me to do. For me acting is natural! Being a model for me would mean living in the beauty of things, knowing new places and people, having fame from an early age.

Which are your favourite fashion brands? I like high fashion brands, for example, Gucci, Msgm, Barberry, Armani, Boss.

What do you like about modelling? I like fashion shows and I like the wonderful smart clothes. I like to feel beautiful and be the centre of attention.

How long have you been an actor for? 4 months.

Who is your favourite actor and actress? My favourite actor is Sylvester Stallone. I know all the Rocky movies! He is a truly expressive actor.

I like child actors, the one who starred in Mom I missed the plane too, they were great

What is your favourite item in your closet? Jeans and elegant shirt.

Who is your role model? I do not have a favourite model. Every day I look at the models that work for big brands on Instagram or in advertisements with admiration. My goal is to reach the top!!!

Do you speak any languages? Italian and English

If you could have 3 wishes, what would they be? I would like to be an actor and work in films, but also to model and be photographed by the best fashion photographers. My desires are, to act in several films, to be Gucci testimonial and to become highly sought after by the most important fashion houses.

If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be? Cristiano Ronaldo

What is your biggest dream? To become a world-famous actor and model

What do you like to do in your spare time? I spend my free time studying, playing with friends and playing sports.

What is the last book your read & film you saw? I read many fairy tales. I am also fascinated by everything related to the world of space and I often read fashion magazines. The last video I saw was the live sequence of the film where I am the protagonist in the role of Saverio. The experience will remain forever in my heart and I hope it will be well great steppingstone into show business.

What are the dreams of a child like me?  Be happy in being able to become what you want.  I hope to become famous, to be able to have fame with the film Makari which will be released in 2021 in Italy and I hope this can be a springboard for not having to stop anymore!!

Today I am happy with who I am, and I hope to always be …. with you!

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