With Halloween set to look a little different this year and big parties, trick or treating pretty much off the cards, you can still enjoy dressing up or try adding some Halloween themed clothing to your little one’s daywear on the run-up to this spooktacular time of the year.

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Dante & Juno

Halloween Style: Looking Fa-BOO-lous!

Siblings Dante (5 years) and Juno’s (3 yrs.) Halloween style is a mix of Halloween costumes and kids fashion, including the Release Metop & Ghost joggers from Echo’s Magical Garden.

Mother Alexandra has been into fashion since a very young age and has a B.A. in Fashion Studies. As a child, Alexandra loved visiting her grandmother who had a wardrobe full of lovely fashion such as Chanel and Dior, all of which I was allowed to play with. Even though I am from ‘minimalistic Sweden’, she has always loved colour and patterns. When I had kids and got into kids fashion it was like coming home.

‘I love Halloween because you get to dress up in spooky costumes! I have always been a big fan of Tim Burton and love haunted houses so what’s not to love about Halloween?’ – Mum Alexandra

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Halloween Style: Looking Fa-BOO-lous!

Lila & Ellene

Halloween Style: Looking Fa-BOO-lous!

Graphic designer and mum of two girls, Nilu was born in Iran and raised in California and has been living in London for over a decade. The family particularly enjoy Halloween because it’s an extra reason to dress up, take photos and have fun! 

Sisters Lila (7 years old) and Ellene (4 yrs.) love Halloween because they get to dress up spooky and do trick or treating. The girls love to go for a walk in the neighbourhood with mum and dad and see the different decorations. Lila & Ellene really enjoy the school Halloween disco as they get to walk a catwalk for kids to show their costumes. Sadly, it won’t happen this year but for sure we will dress up.

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Halloween Style: Looking Fa-BOO-lous!

Amber & Bobby

Halloween Style: Looking Fa-BOO-lous!

Nine-year-old Amber & Bobby who is turning 6 this month love Halloween just as much as their mum Nadine, who celebrated Halloween as a child and loved it so much. Nadine loves unleashing her creative side and making Halloween special for the whole family! We love Amber’s & Bobby’s cool and quirky Halloween style.

The siblings love dressing up & having decorations around the house the most, oh & the movies! Bobby adores having pumpkins and the family always create a Halloween playlist, with both children loving the song ‘This is Halloween’, the original from TNBC & the cover by a group called Voiceplay. Halloween lasts the whole of October for Nadine and family. It is Bobby’s birthday one week before the big spooky day & this year he has asked for Halloween birthday decorations!

Amber wears Echo’s Magical Garden ‘Release Me top and Bobby is wearing Ghost joggers from Echo’s Magical Garden.

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Halloween Style: Looking Fa-BOO-lous!

Echo’s Magical Garden is a brand of children’s clothing that aims to excite the imagination of child and parent alike. Taking its inspiration from the dreamlike wonder of folklore, myths and legends, Echo’s Magical garden is about playfulness, adventure and fantasy.

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Find out more about Echo’s Magical Garden by visiting the website. Shop the Halloween Style’s HERE.

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