Patrick Reed

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Patrick Reed often shows up as a prickly, argumentative tour golfer.

A blogger says Reed was involved in many controversies including his expulsion from the University of Georgia, apparently after a number of complaints from his golf teammates.

Reed’s notorious, prickly personality flared up again in an incident during the final round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill, Florida last weekend. His ball was lying in dense undergrowth behind the 11th green and he claimed interference by cables to his stance. Apparently, the first Rules official denied relief and a second official was summoned.

Then a spectator started to record the incident. Reed demonstrated to the second official how in his opinion a cable was interfering with his intended stance. It seems his wife chipped in too – she used to be his caddy.

Then, after trading some tense words with the officials, he demanded a third opinion.

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