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When it comes to golf and health, Annika has always felt that the two go hand in hand. And according to the Golf & Health Project, sponsored by the World Golf Foundation, she’s definitely been correct. It recently found golfers live up to five years longer than non-golfers.“Obviously golf is a sport, but when you look at it from a well-being standpoint, it contributes on so many levels,” says Annika. “It promotes muscular and cardiovascular health, as well as the benefits of being outside and being social. It also requires you to think.”Early in her career, Annika didn’t have a structured workout and would often go to the gym and run a little bit. Then, when she got more serious about golf, she realized she needed to train like other athletes and adhere to a program to figure out where she was making gains and where she also may still need work.Annika’s program involved a lo… Read More

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